Personal development reimagined

inQ offers:

  • A free & private place to reflect
  • Resources for your needs
  • Personalized services to up your game

How it works

Experienced coaches build verbal reflection routines. AI-driven replies help you better understand your successes, challenges and plan for next steps.

Private coaching

Some users may choose to upgrade to a paid plan where an individual coach offers personalized assessment, custom workflows and additional resources on a weekly basis

Respond To Change

“I found it hard to stay focused when COVID forced me to work at home. I developed a habit of using the inQ app to reflect on my goals during a brief morning walk. Checking in on what I said helped me be more strategic during the rest of the day.”

Meeting you where you are

We believe everyone needs a coach but few people need more meetings. That’s why we designed our voice-first app to be used between the events of your day.

Transition your mind

inQ makes you more effective at work and more present with whatever you do for fun.

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